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I came up with the idea SwimWod after numerous CrossFitters admitted to me that whenever swimming comes up in a CrossFit competition they panic because they never swim and it’s not something they’re strong at. The same happens with triathletes also – swimming generally is the weaker discipline. I want to be able to help people improve and feel confident that if/when swimming comes up in competition, they have done the training, just like they have for weightlifting, gymnastics, cycling, running, and are ready to swim fast! I also believe that swimming is one of the main forms of functional fitness; it is an important survival skill to have, therefore why would you leave it out of your training programme?

SwimWod is designed to suit you and your needs. I offer general programmes for you to follow at your own leisure, but if you have a specific goal or competition coming up then I can create bespoke training programmes designed to help you achieve your goals. Alongside the online programmes I also do 1-1 personal training sessions both in the water and in the gym for Swimming, CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning.

Coach Profile - Emma Gage

Alongside running SwimWod I am a full time swimming coach to the Junior Development and National Youth Squads at Stockport Metro swimming club. I coach the Elite Performance Squad, the International Squad and the National Squads in Strength and Conditioning. I am also a CrossFit coach at M Squared Fitness. Please see my certifications, achievements and records below.

  • Qualifications

  • Coaching Certificates

  • Swim Coaching Level 1 & 2
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

  • Achievements

  • Double masters world record holder (100 free, 50 fly, long course)
  • Triple World Champion at the FINA Masters World Championships 2015
  • 2 x Silver Medallist at the FINA Masters World Championships 2015
  • 4 x Masters European Record Holder (100 free, 50 fly long course, 100 free, 100 fly short course)
  • 6 x Master British Record Holder (50m backstroke, 100 fly short course, 50 & 100 free, 50 & 100 fly long course)
  • 2017

  • Speedo Cup - Antwerp, Belgium

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 2016

  • Rio Olympic Trials - Glasgow, UK

  • 50m Freestyle - 5th place
  • 100m Freestyle - 8th place
  • ASA Winter Short Course Nationals

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • 4x100m Medley Relay
  • ASA Winter Short Course Nationals

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • 4x100m Freestyle Relay
  • 4x100m Medley Relay
  • 2015

  • ASA Winter Short Course Nationals

  • 50m Freestyle
  • 4x200m Freestyle Relay
  • 4x100m Freestyle Relay
  • 4x100m Medley Relay


General Swim

If you need a swimming programme to help you improve your general fitness, technique and stroke, then this is a perfect place to start. You will find guidance that enhances your training.
Both swimming-only and swimming-WOD style programmes are available, where exercises on land are combined with swimming to create a workout.

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Bespoke Swim

If you have a specific goal or competition or event coming up that you want to train specifically for, the bespoke programme is for you. Or if you are quite new to programming and feel the general programme is currently a little out of reach, I can tailor a programme suitable for you here.

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For information on one to one session availability both in the pool and in the gym please send me an email at

Testimonials & Reviews

Em Saville

Emma is a fantastic athlete and coach. Very knowledgeable and also made the session enjoyable. I learnt loads in one session that I can take forward. From how to breathe correctly to putting everything you learn into a workout situation too. Can't recommend SwimWod highly enough.

12 December 2017

Sam Briggs

Emma has really helped me to be more efficient in the water!

6 November 2017

Josh Saville

I only had around an hour of Emma's coaching and it's safe to say I improved massively! I can't wait to get another session with her! Hugely recommend!

7 October 2017

Klare Osborne

Loved It! Swimming in the sun with an awesome coach going back to basics really pays off! Couldn't recommend her enough!

7 October 2017

George Rogers

I've been through a 4 week SwimWod training cycle, and a class in Mallorca. I have seen significant improvement in my technique and overall ability in the pool and in open water. Great atmosphere in the classes and covered all 4 swimming strokes in the cycle.

7 October 2017

Rick Stevens

As someone who has always struggled with swimming, particularly over longer distances, Emma's tuition has been a revelation. The improvements she has made to my strokes, efficiency in the water and breathing in just a few sessions is testament to both her abilities as a swimmer and her technical knowledge. He SwimWod programming has also improved my fitness in and out of the water and is a great complimentary training regime to my unusual crossfit. As an elite level swimmer, there are few people that can match Emma in the water but what is most impressive is her ability to identify areas which need improvement and to coach them in an easy to understand and humble manner. I would recommend SwimWod and Emma to anyone in a heartbeat

4 October 2017

Lara Glover

Excellent coaching and a brilliant concept, my experience of SwimWod so far has been amazing. I had no swimming technique at all but within 2 sessions Em had already improved that massively. Her programming is spot on and has really improved my breathing and technique. SwimWod is fun, unique and amazingly effective! Would definitely recommend for everyone and anyone!

28 August 2017

Louise Richards

Em is a great coach, really patient and fab at explaining drills and breaking down technique. SwimWod is a fun concept for all abilities combining CrossFit movements with swimming and the workouts are varied and interesting. Recommend everyone tries this and it will compliment many other sports.

22 August 2017

Lauren Rose Baker

If you "can't swim"/swimming scares you/can swim a bit/think you're Phelps then this is for YOU! (Pretty sure I covered everyone!) Been twice now and must admit this delivered SO much more than I expected. Em really spends time going through proper technique, and scales all the drills for your ability (who wouldn't want to take tips of a champ!!). Then in the WOD you push as much as you want to! No judging here!! In short. This will benefit everyone, from those that crossfit / workout regularly, to those that want something new to try to get themselves moving!

21 August 2017

Jamie Thorne

SwimWod has been really helpful as I've been unable to train other areas due to injuries, but this has enabled me to carry on training and improve my endurance. Workouts are always varied and challenging. Really enjoyed, thanks.

14th April 2017

Claire Holliday

Emma Gage coached me as part of my Ironman 70.3 training. She was excellent. She worked on my front crawl technique and vastly improved my times. She then worked on my endurance and pacing which was invaluable to my swim. I learnt so much during our sessions and she pushed me far far harder than I would ever do myself! We also worked on sighting for open water swimming. Previously my open water swimming was very 'snakey' but we cracked that by looking at technique and sighting. (Be warned though- she's a hard task master!)

Claire completed her Ironman in a personal record time

Rob Bond

I've been coached by Em for about 8 weeks now and her programming is fantastic. I am a water polo player and also open water swimmer so require a varied week of training in the pool. Em's programmes have never bored me and have been stepped up each week in terms of distance and intensity. I'm on a countdown to a race in Lanzarote at the minute but will definitely keep training with her after. Highly recommend this five star coach.

Rob is yet to compete in his international race but continues to train hard.

Tips & FAQs

Isn't swimming just about doing lengths up and down?

No! Definitely not! Swimming, like any sport, involves skills training, multiple intensity levels depending on what you’re training for, multiple repeat distances, rest times, Vo2 max sets, threshold sets, aerobic work, anaerobic work, hypoxic training, etc. There is so much variety that can be applied to swimming training and obviously there are also 4 different strokes…

If I’m not going to be a competitive swimmer, how will it help me in other aspects of my fitness?

Swimming increases cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity. Larger lung capacity increases your oxygen intake and the lungs ability to distribute oxygen around the body. If you have more oxygen going to your muscles while training you have better endurance, stamina and a higher level of fitness. Not to mention the fact it works multiple muscle groups all at once, while not putting too much stress on these muscles that training on land can do. It’s also great for weight loss and muscle tone.

Do I need to be able to do all four strokes?

No – the minimum requirement is that you can do competent breastroke. I can programme for you based on a singular stroke however it gets more interesting if you can do more than 1 stroke. I can also programme in skills for you to learn and videos to help you learn for other strokes.

Will it help my CrossFit?

Yes.If it increases your lung capacity, VO2 max and cardiovascular fitness, it can definitely help with your running, your assault bike, your rowing, your aerobic ability, you anaerobic ability, and it can decrease your Fran time as well as your Angie time! It is also great for core strength and shoulder stability. The list of benefits is pretty long!

I am a triathlete/open water swimmer. Can you programme for open water training too?

Yes of course. I can do you a mix of pool training and open water training.

Do I need any equipment?

I would strongly recommend hat and goggles and a water bottle. A kickboard & fins, and a pullbuoy would be beneficial as I would use them a lot in training if you have access to them.

Will swimming make me lose my muscle mass?

Nope. As long as you keep up your strength training alongside your swimming training you will be just fine. Swimming can help you to lose fat, not muscle mass.


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